What was striking to me moving to Australia more than 10 years ago was the extensive use of slang.  Slang terminology was used for many things in everyday conversations.  Town names were shortened. Most people had a nickname that involved a shortening of their first or last name. It was everywhere. Even the most famous word in the Australian language 'mate' is changed to matey.

If you are planning on hiring an interpreter, you'll need to first ask a few questions, namely; what are the characteristics I need to look for when sourcing an interpreter? The act of interpreting seems fairly straightforward: the speaker speaks, and the interpreter interprets. However, what seems to be a simple exercise is a complex process that only a professional interpreter can successfully negotiate. So what should you look for when taking on an interpreter? Some of the skills required may seem rather obvious, while others are less so. Below we discuss some of the most important characteristics you need consider in your search for a professional interpreter.

Important Update to Citizenship by Descent processing arrangements from 1 July 2014

As of July 2014 all citizenship by descent applications for nationals and residents of: Albania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia are processed through the Australian High Commission in London.

When looking into translation services it is important to consider several questions including; what criteria should you use for choosing a translator? What kinds of qualifications should the translator have? What important skills should the translator possess? The answers to these questions are vital to finding a good translator. Even if you work with a translation agency, you may be interested to know how the agencies evaluate the translators they work with. Here we will discuss a few of the most important characteristics a translator should possess, all of which allow them to deliver excellent translations.

During times of economic stress and uncertainty businesses must diligently watch their spending in order to survive. Resilient companies with healthy earnings are also keen to keep costs down. This constant drive to reduce spending will sometimes lead companies to seek out low cost document translation. This can end up being a costly mistake. The lowest price may also come with the lowest quality product. Price should not be the only factor you consider when deciding who will deliver the document translation you require. It is also important to reflect on how the following will impact the quality of the product you receive: