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Greek is an Indo-European language and the oldest living language of the world. Nowadays, the Modern Greek is used by 20 million people including Greece, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Egypt, Romania, and Ukraine. Presently, Modern Greek is one of the most prestigious existing languages with a 600,000 vocabularies. It has also contributed many words to the English languages. Affixes like 'graph', 'gram', and 'phobia' came from the Greek language. It is indeed that the Greek language still exists even in the modern times. Greek language has many contributions in the field of academic for science and mythology that build Greek language preservation.

Our professional Greek translation services are available for translating any type of your language translation needs across Australia. Call or request a quote now.

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Certified Greek Translators

Officially recognised by the Australian government, our certified Greek translator services are used for many of our translation assignments.

Translationz is a committed translation agency ready to offer a professional and reliable translation with a high level of accuracy. We set high standards for a high-quality translation service for our clients in all different industries. Our specialised agency offers the Greek translation services in the field of science, legal, commercial, medical, technology, food and beverages. Our certified, accredited translators are able to provide an excellent output for any of your language translation needs.

We can discuss your individual needs and explain when a certified Greek translator should be used.  Certified translator services are often more expense than non-certified translation services.

The diagram in the left shows that Greece-born settlers in Australia still speak their native tongue.

Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/

Greek Legal Translation Service

Legal translations require a high level of accuracy. Our Greek legal translator services offer certified legal translation specialists. Translationz provides high qualified Greek legal translations. Our agency is proficient and knowledgeable in legal terminology and its concepts accompanied with knowledge in legal and paralegal degrees. We provide Greek legal translation services for all types of documents including contract, wills, letters of credit, immigration document, confidential agreements, and license. We also offer our interpreting services for government courts and legal proceedings through telephone, face-to-face, and video conferencing.

Greek Translator Guarantee

Our committed and dedicated team is here to offer the high quality, accurate services for your language translation needs. The quality of our Greek translation differentiates us. We assign a project coordinator to every project. Our Greek translators are screened. Our depth of experience and volume of translation work means that our Greek translators are committed to delivering quality work to every client.

Greek Translation and Interpreter Projects

  • April 2016

    • Marriage certificate translated from Greek

      Professional translation of Greek marriage certificate to English.  The translated document was...

  • March 2016

    • Greek Interpreter for legal meeting

      Level 2 NAATI certified Greek Interpreter was provided for a legal appointment. Client needed...

  • February 2016

    • Greek Interpreter needed in New South Wales to translate an affidavit

      Our client required a Greek Interpreter to read an affidavit to their client in New South Wales....

  • November 2015

    • Greek interpreter for legal appointment

      Our client requested a female Greek interpreter to attend an appointment at a law firm. We were...

    • Certified Greek translation for migration

      Our client requested several Greek documents be translated into English. The documents were to be...

  • October 2015

    • Greek interpreter for legal appointment

      On this occasion a NAATI accredited Greek interpreter was required to read a will for a client in...

  • September 2015

    • Greek phone interpreter for real estate

      Client is a real estate company in Epping, New South Wales. They provide services from selling...

    • Green Phone interpreter for Real estate company

      Real estate company requires a Greek phone interpreter to talk to a person in Athens. They are...

  • August 2015

    • Greek interpreter for Supreme court

      Client is a law firm in Victoria, Australia. They requested for a certified, professional Greek...

    • English Brochure translation to Greek

      Returning client requested for a Professional translation of their company brochure in English to...

    • Greek bank certificate translation

      The client is a Law Firm who requires to have their client's documents to be translated from...

  • July 2015

    • Greek phone interpreter for legal purposes

      The client is a criminal law firm in Canberra, Australia. They requested for a Phone interpreter...

    • Greek Phone interpreter for medical purposes

      Client requested for a Greek phone interpreter for a medical consultation over the phone. 

  • June 2015

    • Greek phone interpreter for an insurance claim

      Client is a car and home insurance company in Queensland, Australia. They requested for a Greek...

    • Translation of Greek Drivers license to English

      Client requested for a certified translation of a Greek driver's license to English. This will be...

    • Marketing material translation into Greek

      This client needed marketing material translated from English into Greek for their website.  It...

    • Official Greek document translation

      This client was a migration agent acting for their client who needed officially certified...

    • Greek Interpreter for Healthcare assignment

      A Greek interpreter was requested by the client to assist in choosing a health care provider. The...

  • September 2014

    • Professional Greek interpreting assignment for a legal client

      This intepreting project required a professional Greek intepreter for a whole day of Greek...