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German language is a West Germanic Language which places ahead of both English and French. German language is principally the mother tongue in some parts of Europe. Like other countries, Germany gives too much priority in their language to preserve it. German institutions implement the teaching of German arts through cultural events.

Our agency is here to help in strengthening the German language through our services. If you are in need of German language translation, we are here to provide our services to you.

Translationz provides services across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania. We have many years experience delivering our services to happy clients in business, governments and companies. Call or request a quote now.

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Certified German Translators

Officially recognised by the Australian government, our certified German translator services are used for many of our translation assignments.

Our professional translators are available in translating any types of documents for legal, pharmaceutical, advertising, technical, design, medical, and other translation needs. Our translators and interpreters are certified and accredited accompanied by wide-range of knowledge and experiences that make the translation excellent and comprehensive.

We can discuss your individual needs and explain when a certified German translator should be used.  Certified translator services are often more expense than non-certified translation services.

How to get a German Legal Translation performed

Legal translations require a high level of accuracy. Our German legal translator services offer certified legal translation specialists. Our legal translators are very committed of their service. Our wide-range of experience and in-depth knowledge in legal field has proven the perfect service for our clients for many years now. We offer our services for many top law firms, government courts, companies, and individuals. We are capable of translating contract, diploma, driver’s license, and any types of legal certificates and documents. We ensure to provide perfectly translated matters for any of your legal translation requirements and needs.

It is important that your translator is aware of German language and its nature as well as the German culture to get an accurate and reliable translation. You can choose among the certified and non-certified German translations provided by our agency. We do German into English translation and English into German translation. Translationz also offers face-to-face, video conference or telephone German interpreter services.

The quality of our German translations differentiates us. We assign a project coordinator to every project. Our depth of experience and volume of translation work means that our German translators are committed to delivering quality work to every client.

  • April 2016

    • German Translation to English

      Professional translation of German Video Clips to English.  The project was delivered within 2 days....

  • October 2015

    • German medical letter translation

      This clients request was for some Medial documents in German be translated into English. We were...

  • August 2015

    • Manuscript translation

      Client requested for a technical, German manuscript to be translated to English. 

    • German translation of company flyer

      Returning client is a storage solutions company in Melbourne, Australia. They requested for a...

    • Drivers license translation

      Client requested for a translation of his German driver's license to English. This will be used...

  • July 2015

    • German police clearance translation

      Client requested for a translation of German Police Clearance into English. A certified...

    • Translation of bank statements

      Client requested for a Certified, professional translation of a 6 page bank statement from German...

    • German to English translation of Qualification Credentials

      Client requested for a Certified translation of his Qualification Credentials from German to...

    • Translation of German Qualification Credentials

      Client requested for a Certified translation of his Qualification Credentials from German to...

    • Translation of German Revenue documents

      Client requested for a professional translation of German Revenue documents to English. A...

    • Translation of German Medical report

      Client requested for a German Final Medical report (Path report) to be translated to English. A...

  • January 2015

    • Telephone translator for explanation of German documents

      The client used our telephone translator services to help explain German documents (form and...

  • September 2014

    • German Interpreting Assignment

      Client is needed a German professional interpreter for his medical consultation in Queensland,...

    • 3 page document certified, professional translation from German to English

      Certified, professional translation of three-page document from German to English. This document...

    • 8 Documents from German to English

      This client is a solicitor and migration agent and they required German to English translation...